X-Userinfo is not passed to Upstream server

Hi There,
I have experimenting kong with oidc plugin in docker(https://github.com/nokia/kong-oidc)
I have a simple Spring Boot application as a upstream server.
I am using okta as identity provider. Kong is routing only authenticated requests to Spring Boot application as expected. But the i am missing the headers
X-Userinfo, X-Access-Token and X-Id-Token in the http requests routed to my application.

I am enabling oidc plugin on my route with below params

Any thing i miss here?

i know this is more more about third party plugin.
just wondering if some used the plugin https://github.com/nokia/kong-oidc

on debug mode, below message has shown up. I passed config.discovery and introspection url’s set correctly. Appreciate any clue.

2020/04/21 20:00:34 [debug] 25#0: *413 [lua] openidc.lua:417: openidc_call_userinfo_endpoint(): no userinfo endpoint supplied

2020/04/21 20:00:34 [debug] 25#0: *413 [lua] openidc.lua:978: authenticate(): OIDC Authorization Code Flow completed -> Redirecting to original URL (/)


I found the issue

i configured discovery url wrong. openid-configuration will have userinfo end point

is replaced with