Where i can find log of my custom plugin?

Hi everyone!
I just start to create my own custom plugin with Lua. I implement Kong custom plugin template to learn. Next i pack it with LuaRocks and run in Kong API Gateway successfully.
But in log section of handler.lua below, i can’t find anywhere my log when using custom plugin.

Anyone know what happen?

Solved, Tks everyone!

Where did you find those logs?

The way it works for me, i’m running Kong in a docker container locally, and on K8 in production. The log line is produced along with all the other logs from kong.
The important piece to remember is to set the log_level (KONG_LOG_LEVEL) to the appropriate value. For dev I have notice, and for production I have warn.
In my dev box, my plugin is called glauth, and the logline looks like this

2023-12-08 08:58:04 2023/12/08 16:58:04 [notice] 12066#0: *17596 [kong] access.lua:104 [glauth] Extracted user: ...