Websocket - Example

Hi people

Do you have any example of how to use kong with websocket?

I read the documentation, but I didn’t find any examples, I’m not so familiar with kong and websocket…

My idea is to create a service using some library like socket.io, ws, in node.js, and kong to take care of authentication.

Would it be possible to use it for more than authentication, such as connection lifetime, reconnection, etc.? Perhaps with the creation of plugins?

Thank you

Or maybe it is best to use kong only for authorization, and the service take care of lifetime connection, reconnection and etc?
I’m in doubt which way to go.

Hi Mariane,
Did you any success in the same, because we are looking, same kind plugin / feature in KONG.

Thanks & Regards
Jaiswar Vipin Kumar R.

In the end I ended up dealing directly with the service and not with the kong.

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