URI matching for an API

I have an API with /delivery as one of the URIs, but it doesn’t match requests starting with /Delivery. Is this because URI matching is case sensitive?

Is there a config setting (or any other setting) that can be used to make URI matching case insensitive?




Yes, the URIs in Kong are case sensitive.

If you would prefer to have them case-insensitive, the best option would be to use Regex https://github.com/Kong/kong/pull/2681

Have fun!

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Thanks jpk. I have tried specifying the regex as “/(?i)delivery” but that is not working. Are there any examples of case insensitive regex for URI’s that you can point me to?



Hi Bala-

The best option would be to check the docs here- https://getkong.org/docs/0.11.x/proxy/#using-regexes-in-uris

I just tested setting the URI to /(?i)delivery and it worked without any issue. Can I see the output of GETing :8001/apis?

Also, what version of Kong are you using?