URI match for API root documentation

Having prefix /feedback/v1/ If user requests API root, user should be given documentation. Otherwise user should be passed to API.

Tried /feedback/v1/$ match for documentation. It worked earlier, but currently traffic is directed to other match /feedback/v1/ -> internal API. What kind of uri config you should have for API root documentation described earlier?

Can you, please, provide full example of this problem? (also more info when it worked, and why it stopped working).


curl -i -X POST --url http://localhost:8001/apis/ --data 'name=feedback_info' --data 'uris=/feedback/v1/$' --data 'strip_uri=true' --data 'upstream_url=...'
curl -i -X POST --url http://localhost:8001/apis/ --data 'name=feedback' --data 'uris=/feedback/v1/' --data 'strip_uri=true' --data 'upstream_url=...'

All requests go to second one. Would like to have documentation links at /feedback/v1/ Is it possible to define uris that way?

Do not know when this stopped working.

@arvi I could reproduce this. Please let me investigate this a little bit.

Yes, our documentation says:

Prefix paths are always evaluated first.

And by evaluating we also mean selected. This is selected for performance. But I can see what you try to do. Can you use other parameters such as methods or hosts to bump the first one?

Thanks @bungle! Solved by using hosts parameter for first configuration.