Update db-less config - Media Type

Update db-less config

Im trying to use this POST /config to understand better how db-less work and im getting 415 Unsupported Media Type

I already tried Binary with content type text/yaml
I already tried yam content with content type text

The body should be in JSON /YAML /Binary File?

But nothing work, any help?


Update db-less config

This endpoint allows resetting a db-less Kong with a new declarative configuration data file. To learn more about it, please run:

kong config init

That will generate a file with the appropriate structure, names and examples.




Converted the default init to json and works…

Why doesn´t support yml?

It supports YAML but you have to marshal the YAML as a string in a config field.

Something like the following does work:

http :8001/config config=@config.yaml