Training material on Kong

Hi all,

We are a software provider and building a solution for a customer using Kong as the API gateway.

Our client has Kong enterprise edition but we do not plan to use Kong enterprise internally. For us, it is important to have Kong installed on our cloud environments to be able to support the customer and test e2e our solution.

Nevertheless, we would like to get some training around Kong to speed up our implementation. Are there any training courses on Kong administration/development especially plugin development either paid or free? I saw Kong university but I am not sure if it is just for enterprise customers.

Is there some free development version for ISV’s of kong enterprise which we could use for our internal purposes? It is sometimes quite challenging when just using the APIs and a user interface would speed up our development drastically.

Thanks in advance. All help is much appreciated!

Hey there!

Kong workshops may be what you’re looking for. It’s completely free and focuses on OSS side of Kong. If this is still not enough, you can reach out to me at and let’s see what else I can do to help out :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin,

thanks a lot for the quick response. We will take a look at the workshop material and if necessary send you an e-mail.


Hi Kevin,

After trying to access the trainings you have listed above none of the them will load correctly.
Is there any additional steps needed for accessing them that is not sent with the email access link?

Below are screenshots of what appears for all trainings. I have tried multiple browsers and different computers all showing the same results.

If there is any other details i can send that would be useful let me know.
Thanks in advance.

What is the URL that you are visiting?

Hi Ellen,
We are currently in the process of updating the Custom Plugin Development and Kong Deployment Methods workshops. So unfortunately, those workshop links will not work. Thanks for pointing these out; we are will remove the workshop links in the meantime.

The Kong for Kubernetes workshops are still available after you register. Are you having trouble accessing those?