Tracing issue ACME plugins renewal not working

Hi Everyone,

May i know how to tracing the issue on ACME SSL renewal not working?
As long as my exploration

  1. I already set log level of kong to debug, and In error.log file i cannot see any acme process for renewal. while if i do trigger new SSL, i can see the process log in error.log file
  2. I have try trigger manual using curl http://localhost:8001/acme -XPATCH its also does not trigger anything based on debug log
  3. the only way i can see the log is only when i trigger initial / new SSL
  4. I use kong storage for ACME and my kong setup is hybrid mode. i try to compare with my old setup (using v.2.3.3) i can see a record in my postgresql database named kong_acme:renew_last_run. in the other side in new setup (using v.3.5.0) i can’t find it.

could you help / guide me how to resolve this ACME renewal issue?


Does anyone know how to trace this issue?

i still dont get it where the renewal automation process is triggered

i got this error when i trigger manually using curl http://CP-SRV:8001/acme -XPATCH command

[error] 129280#0: *215877 [lua] job.lua:284: execute(): [timer-ng] failed to run timer unix_timestamp=1705050525754.000000;counter=167724:meta=@/usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/plugins/acme/api.lua:128:fn(): /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/plugins/acme/client.lua:512: attempt to index local 'config' (a boolean value), context: ngx.timer

what does this mean? and how to resolve it?