Test custom plugins without cloning full Kong repository


I’m following the Plugin Development Guide and it makes it sound like I can set up a test environment for my plugin without cloning the entire Kong repo:

“If you are writing your plugin in your own repository, you will need to copy the following files until the Kong testing framework is released:”


However, I’ve tried copying these files, but can’t even run bin/busted without errors. On line 64 it tries to pull in kong.globalpatches, which I don’t have because I theoretically don’t have to copy that file.

Out of curiosity, I did copy that file anyway, but then that file just tries to pull in even more dependencies. What gives? Seems like you really can’t run busted without the whole repo.


After coming back to this, I ended up figuring it out. I did have to temporarily clone the Kong repo and run make install. That installed all the Kong modules to my LuaRocks tree.

Now I can develop my plugin in a different directory on my machine, and it is still able to pull in kong.globalpatches and all the other modules