System specs curled from a PXE image

Okay, little bit of a jack of all trades here, I have a custom PXE image which I wish to test computers and laptops via network boot. So, for my image I am running a small image created in Buildroot. Once booted, I intend to use curl to send to the kong API specifications. From this, I wish to populate the data sent back into a database. It’s nothing terribly complicated.

I am kind of looking for example code which does something at least similar to this. I’ve seen the key-auth code, but yeah. I think this is the right place for this, it’s small and simple, easy to get running. It’s all going to be run privately in an isolated environment, so just getting something, anything running for the time being, and then later, enhancing it, but that’s another topic.

My kind of goal here is quick and fast, just plug and boot. The type of business is an IT recycling business, where we take donations and then assemble to pallets and sell. Essentially, I will build a list of items, then email the lists off to buyers, ship.