Storing configuration in plugin config vs datastore?

As I understand there are two primary places where I can store my plugin information:

  1. Plugin config. Declared in schema.lua.

  2. Datastore. Declared in daos.lua.

What is the advantages of using datastore? Can I just store everything I need in plugin config? If I need update something I just provide another config and it must be invalidated automatically. Also I don’t need care about caching cause I guess config is automatically cached (not reloaded from db on every request?) Would it be practical to have 100 kbytes config?


Plugin configurations are used to configure the business logic of the plugin itself- consider the key-auth plugin, whose schema defines how the plugin interacts with the request. By contrast, the DAOs introduced by the key-auth plugin are separate entities that are used in conjunction with the plugin to further extend Kong.

Plugin config fields are stored as serialized TEXT within the database, so I don’t think a 100 KB would be impractical, though it might strain the DB if you have a very very ‘wide’ schema (e.g. a very large number of fields).

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