Setting config option(s) on Prometheus plugin

I have enabled the prometheus plugin via Konga. The current raw view on the plugin views as:

  "enabled": true,
  "name": "prometheus",
  "config": {
    "per_consumer": false
  "tags": null,
  "protocols": [
  "created_at": 1664572654,
  "route": null,
  "id": "279affe4-e7ca-4b9a-87ef-fa1e9c26af06",
  "consumer": null,
  "service": null

The configuration reference details how there are additional options that can be enabled.

I’ve tried permutations of something like including:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:8001/plugins/279affe4-e7ca-4b9a-87ef-fa1e9c26af06 --data "name=prometheus" --data "config.bandwidth_metrics=true"

but I get:

{"message":"schema violation (config.bandwidth_metrics: unknown field)","fields":{"config":{"bandwidth_metrics":"unknown field"}},"name":"schema violation","code":2}

as a return error.

I’ve not used the API too much - I’ve been too reliant on Konga. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.