Service with two strip-path routes

Hey there,

I’m creating a service, lets call it “myapi”
And i want two routes to access it, one which has a jwt plugin to require authentication:

  • /myapi

And one which is open:

  • /myapi/api-doc

The api itself exposes / and /api-doc.

If i create the routes with strip_path (to not send myapi part to the api itself) on a single service, the api-doc part is obviously stripped as it matches the path of the route. This means that to access the api-doc part i have to do /myapi/api-doc/api-doc which is obviously not what i want.

Is the best way to solve this to create a service for each route?

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

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@jnatten I don’t think it’s currently possible with Kong. I’ve requested this feature, please vote/like it so we get Kong’s attention :wink: Strip part of URI


Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

Had the same issue, since Kong does not natively support this, I described the workaround I used here: Strip part of URI - #10 by rsemlal.tas