Add many routes to one service in Kong for different path in the service


I’m use kong with services and route, need create one service with many routes, some route whith JWT and other not, thomthing similiar to the next table .

  | Route         | Route in service | Plugins JWT |
  |/service1      | /                | True        |  
  |/service1/url1 | /url1            | False       | 
  |/service1/url2 | /url2            | False       |  

But routes un Kong are very simple, i tried with the option “Strip Path” but send all route:

Without “Strip Path”

With “Strip Path”

I Need

I only see one soliction, creat one “service” with one “route” for each my the paths and configure path in the service, ejample.

service1: { host:service1, path:null, route { paths:[/service1 ]}}
service2: { host:service1, path:/url1, route { paths:[/service1/url1 ]}}

But this solution not felling good.