Service Mesh Comparison to Istio

Hi All,

I’ve been looking for a good comparison to using the integrated Kong Service mesh for east-west micro-service interaction control vs. integrating with Istio. The available Kong mesh documentation is very light compared to Istio, and it seems there is not a lot of user feedback on the web yet.

  1. Does Kong allow for dynamic routing based on content (e.g. http header attributes like user) as Istio does?
  2. What are the main differences between Kong mesh and Istio integration?
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+1 , I have had many internal folks ask me what advantages does Kong Mesh have over solutions like Istio(and I have no clue, it does the mutual TLS work auto-magically as one maybe?), it will be important for Kong to highlight and elaborate its strengths over other well documented solutions out there. Mesh is new though here so I am sure it will take some time for them to get that documentation concrete on KongHQ.