Retrieve resources in different service route path

Hello, I am trying to use Kong as proxy to access a back application. I am able to reach the app and all the paths, but when I have to load the resources, such as images or othes files, they are not in the same path I have routed to that service so I don’t found them.

For example, I have this configuration on kong.yml:

_format_version: "1.1"

  - name: mockbin-service
      - name: mockbin-route
        strip_path: true
          - /mockbin

  - name: back-service
      - name: back-route
        strip_path: false
          - /back

So if I try to reach I got:

There is no style (and in other paths I have any info) and that is due to the app is trying to get the resources from instead of searching on (Almost all of them are on, so they should get these files searching at

I have added /static path to route - paths: but then I have a problem if I want to add another service and it is also using /static as a path for their files. How can I load the files from my back app just using /back as route path?

Thanks a lot