Reload kong config in container doesn't work

I use kong gateway in docker container. After I edit kong.conf in /etc/kong/kong.conf and use command to reload kong config in container. Kong doesn’t take effect with new configuration. Can anyone suggest me how can I success to reload config ?

docker exec kong-gateway kong check
docker exec kong-gateway kong reload

Config parameter in kong.conf that I edit.

real_ip_header = x-real-ip 
log_level = debug

Hi. Can anyone help to answer me ?

I still hope for the answer. :innocent:

@Playground_007 You can pass these as environment variables when starting the container. All configurations are prefixed with KONG_

This was you can preserve the values.

docker run -d --name kong-gateway \
    -e "KONG_LOG_LEVEL=debug" \
    -e "KONG_REAL_IP_HEADER=x-real-ip" \