Rate Limiting Plugin (EE)

The Rate Limiting plugin for Kong Enterprise Edition is a re-engineered version of the incredibly popular Community Edition Rate Limiting plugin, with enhanced configuration options and performance.

This plugin is exclusively available to Kong Enterprise subscribers.

Rate Limiting plugin documentation

Where are the EE rate limiting documentation? Why are these available to EE users only? I want to see the difference in order to understand if EE rate limiting, fulfil our requirements?

Specifically, we need weekly rate limiting…

EE Rate Limiting documentation is currently available only to Kong EE subscribers. Please contact us to explore becoming a Kong EE subscriber.

Additional features available in EE Rate Limiting include:

  • Airbitrary window sizes - not just “per minute” or “per hour”
  • Configurable sync rate with the datastore - to permit tuning of consistency vs. performance

@Yuval You may be interested in reading one of our recent blog posts: How to Design a Scalable Rate Limiting Algorithm, which explores the rate limiting approach taken by the EE rate limiting plugin.

The end of the article briefly explains some other added benefits.

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