Questions about paths and routes


I’m a beginner system administrator and I’m currently learning how to implement an API Gateway in the infrastructure.

We have currently about 5 microservices, each in a docker container. Each container listens on a specific port, and has two or more paths (“isalive” for the container status, and “servicename” for the actual service).

I have a hard time understanding paths, I’m sure it’s not complicated at all but my mind seems to not be shaped the right way.

I currently have created a service with that URL: “” and two routes, one named “Health Check” with the path “/isalive” and the other called “Service” with the path “/service”.

But then I read another guide which made me doubt. Is it better to create two services for that container, with URL “” and path “/service_isalive” for the health check for example ?

As I understand the path /isalive, which will be used in the request “http://localhost:8000/isalive” will be forwarded to “” and not “”, right ?

Hi LikoV2,

For simplicity of getting started, I would setup your service (servicename) and associate it with your backend -

Then create one route to it with the path /servicename. By default, the path /servicename will be stripped from the URL when proxied to the backend service and thus:

localhost:8000/servicename/ ->

The only reason to create multiple routes is if you wanted to add plugins specific to those routes. For instance, /isalive, to limit access by IP addresss, apply rate limiting, etc. that would differ from the backend service itself.

Let me know if you need further assistance!


Thanks a lot, I understand how that works now.