Proxy to a web service

I am not sure I understand how this all comes together and am hoping to accomplish the following. Can any of you experienced wizards let me know if I am sailing the right ship here with Kong?

Basically, I want to present a more modern API for a payment web service.

I have an endpoint …/ws/gateway.asmx/ProcessTransaction

One of the input parameters is type which can be a sale, authorization,refund,void` etc to determine the transaction method to perform.

Without touching the web-service for now, I want to use Kong to provide the following endpoints instead:

Right now, I cannot even get the API to return a result. I am getting 404 Not Found.

Here is how I setup the API for sale:

“created_at”: 1516301049526,
“strip_uri”: true,
“id”: “b680dcc3-a69c-4eed-8010-26fe4568dd3a”,
“hosts”: [
“name”: “process_sale”,
“methods”: [
“http_if_terminated”: false,
“https_only”: false,
“retries”: 5,
“uris”: [
“preserve_host”: false,
“upstream_connect_timeout”: 6000,
“upstream_read_timeout”: 6000,
“upstream_send_timeout”: 6000,
“upstream_url”: “

Does this look correct? If I enter the upstream URL in browser I get ‘missing credentials’ which is what I expect. If I try to enter through my kong port :8000/process/sale I get the 404 error.

Anybody have any advice?

Thank you in advance.