Proxy respond with 404 Not found

I have deployed kong 1.3 in kubernetes using helm chart. My ingress yml is -

  • apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
    kind: Ingress
    annotations: HTTPS /
    creationTimestamp: 2019-11-19T22:40:37Z
    generation: 5
    app: kong
    chart: kong-0.27.0
    heritage: Tiller
    release: base-kong
    name: base-kong-kong-proxy
    namespace: base-kong
    resourceVersion: “48755579”
    selfLink: /apis/extensions/v1beta1/namespaces/base-kong/ingresses/base-kong-kong-proxy
    uid: 9b1cc366-0b1d-11ea-9266-864d78f39cfe
    • host:
      • backend:
        serviceName: base-kong-kong-proxy
        servicePort: 443
        path: /kongproxy
      • {}
        kind: List
        resourceVersion: “”
        selfLink: “”

Now when I am trying to access kong proxy using : https://some-host/kongproxy

I am getting 404 Not found,
“message”: “no Route matched with those values”

Though I am able to access admin. Please help me. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

@hbagdi Hi Harry, I need your help on this. Please help me sort this problem. I am very new to kong. I confirgure services and routes and when I access routes through kong proxy, that also returns 404


i can’t see the host value set in your yaml, are you including "some-host?

Hi @abenitovsc
Thanks for your reply. yes host is there … i just deleted here as its company info

Are you using Nginx or Kong as your Ingress?
You only need Kong and don’t need Nginx-ingress.

@hbagdi I have deployed kong using helm in AKS (azure kubernetes service) and accessing kong through ingess rules. Above is my ingress yaml. Currently all backend are accessed through ingress-nginx but once Kong begins working, all backend API will be accessed through Kong proxy. I am able to access Kong Admin but not able access any configured services/routes using proxy.

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