Proxy_protocol v2 support for Kong

Is anyone aware of a workaround for supporting proxy_protocol_v2 with kong?

I am running Kong in aws fargate behind an NLB. Since NLB does not preserve source ip, I decided to use NLB’s proxy_protocol_v2 to implement IP whitelisting. However, kong and openresty both are still on, and proxy_protocol_v2 was implemented in nginx 1.13.11 (03 Apr 2018).

Is it possible to safely update nginx version shipped with kong?
Is anyone aware of a better way to support ip whitelisting with NLB and fargate?

Changes with nginx 1.13.11 03 Apr 2018

*) Feature: the "proxy_protocol" parameter of the "listen" directive now
   supports the PROXY protocol version 2.


Until we bump our underlying nginx core version, you will not be able to use this option. We are waiting for a new OpenResty release (based on the 1.15 nginx core) to proceed.

The good news is that OpenResty was released yesterday (see, so a 1.15 based Kong version is now in sight on the horizon.