Preserve IP Client

i have setup kong ingress with digitalocean kubernetes.
with annotations "true"

and setup env variable

          value: proxy_protocol, ssl http2 protocol 
        - name:  KONG_REAL_IP_HEADER
          value: proxy_protocol
        - name: KONG_TRUSTED_IPS
        - name: KONG_REAL_IP_RECURSIVE
          value: "on"

i got proxy protocol on log “PROXY TCP4 9678 80” 400 12 “-” “-”
but on browser the response is “Bad Request”
Please help me

Do you see a corresponding access log upstream? That 400 may have been proxied from the upstream service.

If not, is there anything in the error log? Most garbled requests should produce an error indicating why they were invalid.

Debug & Troubleshooting - v2.2.x | Kong Docs with a plaintext request will alternatively let you inspect the request manually. dissectors will usually point out any protocol errors if they’re not being logged.