Plans to expose config.rewrite.uri in request-transformer plugin

We have an application that exposes its api on /api and the documentation on /api-docs
Kong is exposing the services as<service-name> and<service-name>

Our current setup is to define two separate kong services to be able to set different settings on each.
However, when we now are evaluating to migrate to the kong-ingress-controller for configuring our kong instance this will make our use case a little more tricky.

Since the path is configured on the Kubernetes Service object, and only allow one KongIngress per Service we are forced to create a separate Kubernetes Service for each endpoint as a workaround.

We could however create two separate Ingress objects with different configuration for the different endpoints and use the request-transformer-plugin to rewrite the path so it matches what the application expects and still only define one Kubernetes Service for our application. However, the config.rewrite.uri property is only available in the Enterprise version of the plugin (request-transformer-advanced).

So my question is if you have any plan to move the config.rewrite.uri to the open source version of the plugin or if you have another suggestion on how we could accomplish our setup? -> {service-proxy-url}/api -> {service-proxy-url} /api-docs

It seems that the property is already exposed in the open source version. Just the documentation at that lack this information.