Place kong in front of monolihic apps along with new deployment

Hi Kong community,

I am investigate Kong gateway for placing it in front of some of legacy web applications. The constrain is that those system are subjected to change. Here is context:

Existing apps:
app1 - web application - monolithic app SSR
app2 - web application - monolithic app SSR

New development - two new applications:

  • backend restful api
  • frontend js app which consume restful api

All three apps are deployed on private networks and only Kong server has NIC interface for public facing.

I intend to have this deployment model for context path:

Can you please review for Kong v2, can we achieve the temporary model as above for transition phase?


I has following configuration and get stuck at getting app1 running behind Kong.

path = “/”
host = private IP
port = private port

route instance for service_app1:
paths = ["/app1"]
strip_path = true
path_handling= v0
preserve_host = true
protocols = [“https”]

When I hit fqdn of facing Kong server /app1 from browser, I see the 302 status with /login from app1 but it failed to route due to no route found.

If I turned preseve_host false then I see 302 with location header as private IP which never get routed from public network.

I stop my configuration anyway. My intention for transitioning phase is that:
from public network, I can hit fqdn/app1 and kong will serve app 1 web appplicaton transparently and have similar result when I hit /app2. Meanwhile, I can ramping up development effort on new development independently.