OpenTelemetry plugin fails with connection refused

Hi, I’m trying to set up the OpenTelemetry plugin to get tracing of my calls through Kong. I have followed the documentation and have Jaeger running. I have set the tracing_instrumentations config to all.

I have the endpoint set as

When I call through the gateway I get the following errors in the log:

2023/05/23 12:23:02 [error] 2301#0: *130 [lua] handler.lua:102: process(): [otel] failed to send request: connection refused, context: ngx.timer
2023/05/23 12:23:02 [error] 2301#0: *130 [lua] batch_queue.lua:216: opentelemetry: entry batch was already tried 1 times, dropping it, context: ngx.timer

When I try to connect from the shell in the Kong container I get a response from the Jaeger container. I have verified this with tcpdump on the container. When Kong returns this error it doesn’t register in tcpdump, no packets are received on the Jaeger container.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,