Open resty GRPC Support

I found a topic (GRPC API exposure) explaining how to rebuild Kong with the last version of OpenResty that support GRPC.
Does someone knows if it is planned (and when) to include this version in Kong?

Thanks in advance


@tom Hello, and welcome.

Yes, as highlighted during our last community call on May 14th, we announced that Kong 1.3 will bundle OpenResty and provide out of the box support for gRPC proxying.

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Great news and great job, thank you :slight_smile:

Do you need a beta tester?

Thank you again.

@tom Surely! For the time being, we don’t have any code to show publicly, but the work is undergoing. We will update this topic when we have something more demoable, and as always, there will be a release candidate cycle for Kong 1.3 and we will certainly appreciate help testing it then!