OAuth Access Token with AES Encryption

Hi, I have enabled the OAuth 2.0 plugin on my Kong and have the following request body to generate access token:

URL : https://localhost:8449/oauth2/token
“grant_type”: “client_credentials”,
“scope”: “read”,
“client_secret”: “FOVIuIxGzPi1F3ygMPJpsyQPUJ79yRNc”,
“client_id”: “pFZd6IDKEzlDLApjKikOKQ326Zv1lLfZ”

I have a requirement that the above request body must be 256 Bit AES encrypted and Kong must be able to decrypt it.
I explored the various plugins available on Kong Plugin Hub page.
Is there any plugin available (including paid) that could help me solve my use case?