Nginx module with Kong


I’m working on a container to build Kong with DataDome Nginx static module (Nginx Module for Bot Protection | DataDome).

I’m following Kong source documentation from Install - Compile From Source | Kong Docs and adding the module as following:

# Build the dependencies
./kong-build-tools/openresty-build-tools/kong-ngx-build \
    --prefix deps \
    --work work \
    --openresty \
    --openssl 1.1.1k \
    --kong-nginx-module master \
    --luarocks 3.7.0 \
    --pcre 8.44 \
    --jobs 6 \
    --add-module /kong-sources/$datadome_dir \

My issue is that the kong-build-tools seem not compiling the so files as expected. By checking the objs/ directory, I only have .o files.

What I m missing ? Any help is appreciate. Thanks

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