API removal for Kubernetes v1.22

Hi there, we’re currently using Kong for Kubernetes’ with GKE and have been getting alerts that an ingress service is still using which is preventing us from upgrading to Kubernetes v1.22 as that version features the removal of the API. We suspect that our Kong TCP Ingress could be the reason as it’s using The CRD for the TCP ingress has a of v1beta1. Does this confirm that TCP ingress is still using Kubernetes’ v1beta1 API? If so, are there any plans for this to be updated to use the API?

Versions in Kubernetes are specific to a single group and kind. The Kong CRD versions aren’t related to the Ingress version at all. There isn’t a singular v1beta1 Kubernetes API: the TCPIngress CRD version indicates it’s version v1beta1 of the TCPIngress API in the group.

There doesn’t appear to be a good way to find Ingresses at a given version, but Can I filter by apiVersion in kubectl? - Stack Overflow has some suggestions on how to filter results.