Multiple Ingress with same service but different paths and method

Hi Kong Nation !

we want to create distinct Ingresses with different paths and methods but same serviceName/servicePort.
for example:
we want to create two routes which paths are test1 and test2,and there have different http methods,and the service is demo.
Should we create two different kongingress and ingress resource?
If we create different kongingress and ingress,there is another problem, we associate the kongingress resource with the service resource by the annotation,then which kongingress resource should we associate.
now we associate the kongingress resource with the random one,it seems work.
But this solution not felling good,should we create different service for per kongingress?
or any other good solution?

Kong Ingress controller version

Kong or Kong Enterprise version

You need a KongIngress resource only if you want to change Kong-specific settings for routing, otherwise you don’t need a KongIngress resource. There are new annotations in 0.8 which simplify this.