Loggly Plugin Logs

Hi folks,

I have setup Kong via Docker on my Win10 laptop. Everything seems to be functioning correct from Kong’s perspective, however I’m attempting to setup Loggly plugin integration. I have signed up for Loggly and pasted my Loggly key into the Kong plugin configuration. I also had to alter Kong/Docker port configuration to allow traffic to flow to Loggly on port 514/udp. I have also made sure our corporate firewall has those ports exposed for outgoing traffic as well as my laptops local firewall.

With that being said, I still cannot get anything sent to Loggly :frowning: I’ve been in contact with Loggly support and they are looking into it from their end, but haven’t come back with anything yet. Still waiting.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please note that I’m not a Docker/NGNIX guru, if you have a response that requires code to be run, please include it with any explanations (e.g. docker/unix commands, etc…).

Thank you in advance.


Michael Murray

Might be too basic of a question, but just to double-check: Are you exercising Kong by sending API requests to Kong, so that Kong is generating log output?

Assuming you are, have you tried and confirmed that other logging plugins are working as expected?

Thanks for the response Cooper.

I have been making requests through Kong and everything is working fine. I can see the calls in the log output without any issues.

I have not tried any other logging plugin, this one looked the easiest to configure in order to get something visual implemented with all the bells and whistles.


• I disconnected off my corporate network and used my IT guys Android and my iPhone hotspots and suddenly I started seeing a snippet of activity on Loggly :slight_smile: yay!

• However, when I fire off my API calls, it’s not logging those, it’s logging for some reason a simple request to http://localhost:8000 which responds with a 404??? This is just the Kong API gateway and not specifically the route that’s returning results to me through POSTMAN correctly with a 200 OK status code :frowning:

• Another strange thing is that the requests above look like they are coming from my Kitematic Docker/Container management utility I’m using. Does that make sense?

• When I connect back to the corporate network, no more logs in Loggly are being sent through, not even the plain old http://localhost:8000 mentioned in the above point

• I’ve talked to my network admin and he’s actually opened my machine up completely through the firewall. He asked me to ask you about NAT? and/or if our corporate firewall/IP? would have anything to do with the traffic being blocked or not being sent correctly through to Loggly?

• Again, here is my port configuration in my Kong Docker container: