Logging Request Body/ Response Body with HTTP LOG


Hi Guys, what are options if request/response body needs to be logged with Http-log? Seems like runscope plugin already does this, should be Possible with http-log plugin too?

Maybe just in scenario where something need to be debugged and logging Request Body/ Response Body could be turned on as option in HTTP-LOG Plugin.

Or it can be different plugin altogether?


Someone did a PR here for TCP/UDP. Could be adapted to the HTTP Logger: https://github.com/Kong/kong/pull/3028 . We discussed on chat too. some :slight_smile:


Thanks, will look into it. We are also looking into runscope and also writing modified version of http-log with optional flag.


Hi guys! :slight_smile:

Is this possible in any way? I’m using the http log plugin to send my logs to an elasticsearch instance and visualizing it on kibana. But right now I don’t have the request and response bodies.

As the Runscope plugin is already deprecated how can we handle this? Probably putting two different plugins to work together? Or any other way?

Does somebody know if logging the req / res bodies is in Kong’s plans?

Thank you