Kong session handling with kubernetes Cluster IP Service

Hi ,

we are facing the issue with un-even load balancing done by kong when upstream host is kubernetes Cluster IP based service .
Kong maintain the connection to old pods tied to Cluster IP even when the upstream new pods are arrived after deployment linked with the upstream service .

we seen the issue that kong doesnot close the connection by itself , it relies on up-stream to close the connection , any way in kong 1.2.2 where we can configure kong to close the connection in the configured time interval .

Not in 1.2, no. 1.3+ have the ability to set an upstream keepalive timeout: https://github.com/Kong/kong/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#130

You may want to look at implementing something like what’s discussed in https://github.com/Kong/charts/pull/116 for your upstream Deployments; the same principles around gracefully handling shutdown apply to any Pods, not just Kong Pods.

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