KONG performance break down while updating entity via admin API

Hello folks,

we are currently facing a production issue. Once we apply a change via PATCH on one particular route entity, KONG nodes are not able to operate on normal level anymore. It does not accept requests or at least processing it is very slow. See some statistics below.


Also latency explodes in such a time.


How to find out if we suffer from bad performance during cache invalidation?

We run a six node cluster using cassandra as a datastore. We cannot see any problems on database level. As per documentation (at least this is what I understand) only particular cache key will be invalidated once it was updated and not whole cache. Why do I face issues on all services/routes when changing only one particular entity?

We use 2.2.1 version. I don’t have any clue how to identify the root cause :frowning:

Thanks in advance

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