Kong Gateway not handling website pages

For example My Kong gateway application link is https://gg.example.com And that renders mycompany website at https://gg.example.com/mycompany . But when I click on About us . Instead of redirecting me to https://gg.example.com/mycompany/AboutUs it redirects me to https://gg.example.com/AboutUs which leads to error no route found .

How can this be fixed ?

Please provide me with steps if any solution is available .


Could you add the route configuration? the renderization is on the client side? What redirection do you have in the “About us” button? /aboutUs or /mycompany/aboutUs?

it seems there is no issue in kong, if you have a route with the path /mycompany and you are not asking for the AboutUs under the same path, Kong won’t match that path.