Kong expose 3rd party downstream API using JWT to authenticate

There is a 3rd party API, which requires API authentication for the application calling it using JWT token with refresh mechanism. The JWT token is for the application ( like client secret and key) and needs to be sent with each request, it will be the same for all the requests.

In Kong, it’s possible to add a static header to the downstream request and fetch the response. Is it possible to generate a JWT token at the kong level and add it to the downstream request, when the token expires?

I tried finding out on StackOverflow and kong documentation and found a lot of plugins for acting as an authentication layer for downstream services. I also understand that API gateways are generally not responsible for authenticating themselves to the downstream services, I was wondering if its possible in this case, this will help us not to write a new applicaiton just to generate tokens and expose 3rd party API for the time being.

Saheb Preet Singh