Kong Enterprise - Import Swagger to create API

Hi Team,

Our core principle of API creation starts with creating the API spec using the swagger. (Open API Specification).

We have our environment in AWS kubernetes. We have installed and configured Kong components(i.e.Proxy pod , kong-ingress-controller pod(i.e. admin-api, ingress-controller) and PostgreSQL pods successfully.

Could someone please let us know, the approach/process to be followed for configuring the routes/services(i.e using ingress resource and KongIngress) and onboarding the API’s using swagger.

Since we have ingress-controller. Please let us know the best practices to be followed for configuring ingress resources and API onboarding using Swagger which has multiple endpoints and HTTP methods.

Thanks and Regards,

Hello @narsipra,

Like I mentioned on the call, you should ideally be using only swagger or the YAML based configuration but not mix both of them at the same time. Writing a tool to convert swagger to Ingress spec should be possible. There is nothing that exists as of today as far as I know. Please consider open-sourcing it if you create such a tool.

Thanks harry for replying.
Will keep you posted regarding the status of the tool.