Kong datastore, cache


I have a question about cache.
If anyone knows more details, please share your knowledge.

I currently implement kong api gateway using postgresql.

However, even if the DB server goes down like the phrase in the image, API gateway works well.

Do you have any documentation on what data is stored in the cache and how long?

Once I have felt from experience, APIs that have been used even once are stored in the cache and can be used without connecting to DB.
I’m not sure how long, but I could still call the API even after the DB went down for 3 days.

So far, I just tested it.
Does anyone know more details?

Hi Wonjae,

You can refer to the Configuration reference where you can set values related to the Kong Datastore

Is db_cache_ttl what you are looking for?

greate! This is the answer I really need.
Many Thanks sraj.