Kong Custom Prometheus Metrics

Has anytime tried configuring custom metrics in Kong. I am trying to add custom metrics (Plugins based / Consumer based) in kong, but prometheus is not picking up the change.
Any working example will help!!

Any updates will be appreciated…

Adding in Custom metrics in the Prometheus plugin is not supported yet.

Could you elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish?

Hi hbagdi,
I too was looking for a similar feature. Suppose if I want to collect metrics say the number of hits made based on a tenant Id which is passed as one of the query parameter while accessing an API. Also based on the client Id which is part of the jwt claims. How to achieve this. Did anyone tried this. Any working example will help.

Wouldn’t the metrics table from the exporter just need to be returned from the module?
Then a plugin could just import that and attach additional metrics to this

For instance, i need to add an identifier to the metric like “requestId” in order to start correlate data between metrics, traces and logs