Kong custom plugins install in lots of machines

I have develop a custom plugins recently.
pack it into a rock file:


But I want to install it to many machines. Is there a fast way to install the plugin in those machines?
( like: install it in one machine and sync to other Kong machine)

Hi @huicpc0215,

It depends on how are you managing your systems’ packaging, but one simple option would be to install your package as a rock using luarocks install /path/to/X.rockspec from each one of your machines.

Are you using any sort of package manager? How are you installing Kong in the first place?

Suppose you’re using Docker, then you can simply pull the official docker image, add your plugin to the docker image and then use the docker image you’ve built to run Kong on any number of machines.

You could also do this with other package managers.
If you’re using some sort of configuration management like Chef, Ansible or Puppet, you could automate the installation of your rock using these tools as well!

Yeah, that’s the straight way to install it.
But If do not want to do the same thing repeatly. Is there another way to do this ?
Thank you for your advice.

I’ve using docker before and I’m sure using docker image is a way to do this. But, using docker may cause old Kong container stopped. Unlike other services that can stop for a moment, I want to this api-gateway can support reload(just like hotfix, do not stop while add some feature).

Other package mangers you have mentioned above are never used, can you pick one which is easiest to learn for me ?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you very much! After many comparation, I think Ansible is the best tools for me to use for install Kong plugin and reload. Thanks again.

Glad it worked out!

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Thank you!!