Kong connection to DB Spikes when adding routes, services


We are using Kong with PostgreSQL (Kong Helm kong_helm_version = "0.14.1) and ( repository: kong tag: 1.2) PostgreSQL AZURE instances.

Lately when deploying changes to Routes, Services we noticed connections spike to more than 100K when normally we only have 20 active connections to the database. We noticed this behavior when adding Configs to use CORS plugin but we now also had the same issue when removing those configurations.

Any ideas why when changes are done the number of connections spike to a point where CPU od Database is 100% and no more connections can be made?

Can you please move over to charts.konghq.com?

The Helm chart version is really old. The new chart versions have some optimizations (worker process count) that can help you here.


Yes. after some more digging I found our the issue seems to be linked to the version we running. thanks for the answer.