Kong Clustering

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I have some questions according to https://docs.konghq.com/2.0.x/clustering
I’ll really appreciated if someone help me.

  1. according to Clustering Reference I need a load balancer , could you please introduce me a free one which I use in front of my Kong nodes?
  2. I still don’t know it’s better to implement kong nodes in different VMs or in Docker using docker-compose file for a fully production environment ?

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  1. Well is your setup for Kong multi DC? If so you need something infront of Kong to toggle DNS to go between the datacenters? If using vendor products an F5 GTM generally does that DNS manipulation(never worked anywhere else so maybe there is an opensource version of something that messes with DNS). Then you have a Device on each IP that GTM points to serving as a loadbalancer performing healthcehcks against Kong to see if its running and sending traffic to it. Although maybe Kong can be the IP the GTM resolves to and somehow the GTM acknowledges is health automatically?

If you just want a list of LB’s in general there are plenty, HA Proxy, Nginx, Envoy to name a few.

  1. I don’t think the performance difference is enough to matter really. Is the Docker container going to be running on bare metal then? Or just another VM running Docker lol? If so I would think the OG VM would be best. Otherwise you have tech stack inception going on(running Docker container on a VM). If I had my way I would be running Kong on some bare metal beefy physical servers and enjoying that direct cpu and mem to the veins.

Very helpful thank you