Kong can't route to my API in Node.js

Hello, I’m new to the world of API gateways.
I’m trying to use an API created in Kong and make my Node.js server (server.js) call this API which is handled by another Node.js program (db_addon.js) to retreive data from a DB. Even reading the documentation I didn’t understand the nature of my problem.

Kong is hosted on (with default configurations) and the Node.js db_addon.js service is on (listening to port 3002). So I created in Kong Manager a service on port 3002 with a path “/api/v1/” and a linked route with path “/getordersdb”.
Then, in the server.js, I do a fetch to “” which returns a HTTP 200 OK (so I suppose that the API is well created), but in the service program db_addon.js the service is never called. He is waiting the GET API call from, but the service is never routed from Kong and I can’t understand why. Am I missing something?

Could someone help me solve it please?