Kong aws-lambda plugin applied to an Ingress


I am exploring the use of aws-lambda plugin in Kong to call a few Lambda functions based on Kuberentes Ingress rules matching certain URL paths/formats.

Although most of the document was straightforward to understand, I could not understand why would one specify a service: in an Ingress, if the point was to call a Lambda function. Is this a dummy parameter in Kubernetes Ingress and should be left blank when using this plugin on an Ingress resource?


Bump? Maybe @hbagdi would know?

Effectively you need a Service because the Ingress spec says you do. Any route with the aws-lambda plugin won’t actually use its Service, but Service-less Ingresses weren’t really something the Ingress spec designed for.

I recommend creating a dummy ExternalName Service to use as a placeholder. It won’t actually ever receive traffic; it’s only there to satisfy configuration requirements.

Should this be documented in the plugin page?

Sure, I’ve added doc(kic) update aws-lambda service note by rainest · Pull Request #4730 · Kong/docs.konghq.com · GitHub