Kong 2.4.0-beta.2 is available!

Hello all,

:construction: This is a BETA pre-release of Kong Gateway 2.4.0, the next release in the Kong 2.x series. This means that work is still ongoing on bug fixes, but feature freeze has already happened.

What’s new in Kong 2.4.0 Beta 2

  • Relaxed version check between Control Planes and Data Planes, allowing Data Planes that are missing minor updates to still connect to the Control Plane.
  • Beta release of Protobuf plugin communication protocol, which can be used in place of MessagePack to communicate with non-Lua plugins.
  • Several plugins have the capability to set new log fields or unset existing fields, by executing custom Lua code in the Log phase.
    … and more!

Also note:

:warning: The required OpenResty version has been bumped to, and the set of patches included has changed, including the latest release of lua-kong-nginx-module. This only affects users building their own Kong version.

For folks interested in trying the beta release, take note that the download locations for the beta release is kept separate from the final release locations:

:package: You can download our pre-release packages.
:whale2: or use the unofficial kong/kong docker repository.
:spiral_notepad: More details and PR links are available at the 2.4.0 Changelog.

Feedback welcome!
Feedback is extremely encouraged! Let us know your thoughts and experiences using 2.4.0-beta.2 here on Kong Nation and make sure to report any issues over at our Github repo!

:gorilla: Happy Konging! :gorilla:

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