Kong 2.3.0-rc.1 available

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the release candidate for Kong 2.3! :gorilla:

This includes all fixes and adjustments made since we entered feature freeze with Kong 2.3.0-beta.1 last December, and as such there are no new features over that release, and of course no breaking changes with respect to the 2.x series.

If no serious issues are reported, this release will effectively be promoted to the stable 2.3.0 release, so this is now the best time to test the new features and report any issues!

What’s New Since 2.3.0-beta.1
Here’s a summary of the fixes added since the beta release:

  • Core

    • Several fixes were done to the schemas and schemas validations, with great improvements on the cache of full-schema validations, avoiding memory leaks when reloading declarative configs.
    • Kong now uses updated versions of lua-resty-dns-client and lua-resty-healthcheck which use a lot fewer resources than before.
    • Secure connections to Postgres databases is another feature with important fixes in this release.
  • Plugins

    • The serverless-functions plugin now has improved capabilities on sandboxing!

Please note that the download locations for prereleases are kept separate from the final release locations:

:package: You can download packages
:whale2: or use the unofficial kong/kong docker repository
:spiral_notepad: More details and PR links are available at the 2.3.0 Changelog.

Feedback welcome!
Again, we encourage you to try the release candidate and report any issues in Kong’s Github repo. Feedback is extremely welcome!

:gorilla: Happy Konging! :gorilla:

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After upgrading to Kong 2.3.0 I’m getting the following error on startup:

[error] 40305#0: init_by_lua error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/pdk/service/request.lua:267: module 
'resty.kong.grpc' not found:No LuaRocks module found for resty.kong.grpc
nginx: [error] init_by_lua error: /usr/local/share/lua/5.1/kong/pdk/service/request.lua:267: module 
'resty.kong.grpc' not found:No LuaRocks module found for resty.kong.grpc
no field package.preload['resty.kong.grpc']

What am I missing?

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