Kong 2.3.0-alpha.1 is released!

Hello everyone,

Since 2.3 is a minor release, there are no breaking changes with respect to the 2.x series, but being an alpha pre-release, development is not feature-frozen at this time: and any new features introduced here may change between this release and 2.3.0, and more new features are also in the works!

What’s new in Kong 2.3.0-alpha.1

  • Introduce version checks between Control Plane and Data Plane nodes in Hybrid Mode.
  • Kong entities with a name field now support utf-8 characters.
  • The certificates entity now has cert_alt and key_alt fields, used to specify an alternative certificate and key pair.
  • The go-pluginserver stderr and stdout are now written into Kong’s logs
  • … and more!

Also note:

  • :warning: Support for Centos 6 has been removed, as said distro entered EOL on Nov 30.


For folks interested in trying the alpha release take
Please note that the download locations for the alpha release is kept separate from the final release locations:

:spiral_notepad: More details and PR links are available at the 2.3.0 Changelog .

Feedback welcome!

Feedback is extremely encouraged! Let us know your thoughts and experiences using 2.3.0-alpha.1 here on Kong Nation and make sure to report any issues over at our Github repo!

:gorilla: Happy Konging! :gorilla:

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