Kong 2.2.2 Upgrade causing massive CPU usage

Hello everyone, we have recently upgraded from kong 1.4 to 2.2.2 and we are facing some issues with the CPU usage over 8k qps for 5 pods, we are seeing around 65-70% cpu usage per pod, wheras we experienced around 40 for the same with 1.4, anyone experienced the same issue and could give us an rca of what might be the cause? just to give some further context we have modified the kong defaults to match what we had done with 1.4, could that be the cause for the same?

some parameters which might help the cause

upstream_keepalive_idle_timeout = 20
upstream_keepalive_pool_size = 60
upstream_keepalive_max_requests = 100
nginx_upstream_keepalive = 60
nginx_upstream_keepalive_requests = 100
nginx_upstream_keepalive_timeout = 20
nginx_http_upstream_keepalive = 60
worker_consistency = eventual
worker_state_update_frequency = 120