Kong 2.2.0 released!

Hi folks!

We are happy to announce that Kong 2.2.0 is now generally available!

:package: Download Kong 2.2.0 and upgrade your cluster!

:whale: Updated Docker images should be live soon on Docker Hub.

This release comes packed with exciting new functionalities:

  • Support for UDP proxying in its stream subsystem
  • Extended functionality for Go plugins
  • Configurable request and response buffering
  • Support for automatically loading OS certificates

Other notable improvements and fixes included on this release are:

  • Rate-limiting by URL path without having to create a separate Route for each path
  • Removed target history from the database which eliminates the need for periodic database cleanup of targets and improves consistent hashing behavior for DB-less scenarios
  • Per-upstream client certificate can be used for proxying as well as health checks
  • Admin API and PDK now honor the setting for headers
  • Bump to OpenResty, which includes multiple bug fixes, features and optimizations.
  • Various improvements for Hybrid Mode which result in an overall smoother scenario

:spiral_notepad: More detail and PR links are available at the 2.2.0 Changelog.

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